#solutions property, offers its customers a service that ranges from property searches through specific personal channels, the design of the new distribution, to finish with the decor. Our real estate advice is particularly aimed at those who wish to buy or sell a property in the city of Venice, where we have been operating for years. We try in every way to fulfill your dreams, finding a home you congenial and adapting with restructuring, in collaboration with the archinterni studio, to your needs. Important thing, the feedback that we maintain and pass on to our customers, they are not inclined to want to make absolutely a purchase or sale but, first of all, provide objective data on prices and on the feasibility of a restructuring. We add further indications of professional design assumptions related to internal distribution and its furnishings, in order to give all the tools necessary for a peaceful planning of any purchase.

Solutions property he is able, through consolidated collaborations, to be able to provide accurate planning for any renovation and related furnishings. This implies being able to complete the total economic picture of the operation, entering the costs of the subsequent phases. In this way the client will not only be able to have a complete idea of ​​the investment to be made, but will also be able to make more concrete assessments of the quality/price ratio of the good.

The companies that are contacted for quotes, they are extremely qualified in the sector, with their expertise they can provide correct information on the costs relating to all the necessary works, thus avoiding providing inappropriate and misleading estimates.