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With real estate valuation, we set ourselves the goal of determining, as a main purpose but not the only one, an asset element of the property, generally consisting of the market value, but which may be different from the latter depending on the purpose of the evaluation activity and the type of property to be evaluated. Another goal, closely connected with the first, is to carry out a due diligence that can concern different areas (urban-technical-cadastral), depending on the assignment received. The key thing is not to formalize a purchase, often carried out only out of empathy towards the property, but understand what it will be possible to achieve within it, on the basis of personal needs and urban planning regulations in force.

Solutions property is a company operating in the real estate sector., Our customers ask us not only for advice related to the purchase, ranging from market research, to estimate, until the deed, but also to be accompanied in the subsequent management of their property. We operate across the board, even if in some cities like Venice, we have the largest number of customers. The properties treated are particularly interesting, not only for their location, but in particular for the typology.

Solutions property is a company that operates in the real estate sector and in this area provides a complete service, from consultancy for the purchase to planning for any restructuring, up to the furniture. It makes use of a collaboration with the professional studio archinterni which is also able to provide processed photorealistic to help customers have a clear and concrete vision of what the future realization will be.


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